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Howdy it’s Taydam, welcome to my blog!
– Adelaide Journalist @theadelaideset, News Writer & Announcer @fresh927 –

South Australian Places & Faces

Instagram: @taydamknowles, Facebook: Taydam Knowles, Twitter: @TaydamK


My name is Taydam Knowles and I’m 20 years old. Originally from Adelaide’s North, life growing up was simple. I’ve always been interested in chatting to people and going on adventures. Having lived in a few places across South Australia, I’m happy to call Adelaide home. I’m currently studying a Bachelor Professional Writing and Journalism alongside Film. Overall, life’s been a blessing working for @FRESH927 as a News Writer and Announcer and being @theadelaideset’s official Journalist.

BLOG welcomes a new idea of bringing places and faces together. Inspired by yours truly @taydamknowles, Adelaide News Writer & Announcer for @fresh927 & Journalist for @theadelaideset, seeks to inspire you with the opportunity to see the very best of South Australia places and faces!


When you travel, sometimes it’s a tough decision on where to go and what to do. What do we eat today or how do we know if that place is any good? puts two and two together as when you travel and meet people, supporting local businesses becomes a given. Supporting local faces of SA no doubt creates jobs, flowing money straight through our local economy. By investing in entrepreneurship, you instantly nurture a true essence of community that supports the environment and reduces waste… and BANG we conserve energy.

“I’ve always been told I talk too much, so I joined Fresh927”


Welcome to, the places & faces focus blog. Our mission? TO BRING PLACES AND FACES TOGETHER! Giving modest readers true South Australian content since 2020, to help inspire thousands into taking a trip as to travel and meet people… is to live.

Adelaide Stories, Adelaide Perspectives.

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To Inform, Educate & Entertain –
Is only the very start.

– Taydam Knowles –