CARRICK – SECRET BEACH Secret beach is our Number One best beach in South Australia, and also one of SA’s most dangerous places to reach, so extreme caution, an agile body and a lack of “fear of heights” is a requirement.

The Beach itself is about a 15-minute walk/hike from the main part of north beach Carricaklinga, which starts at the top of the carpark. Secret Beach is a mix of beautiful aqua waters, white pristine sands and the seclusion of being a secret cove! It is also home to a small cave, with a famous rock wall which looks exactly like it sounds, a rock structure shaped like a barrel wave, some say it was frozen by Medusa herself. The tall striking cliff faces create an atmosphere of your own little private piece of paradise! Perfect for those trying to escape all their worries and leave all your stresses back at home. Secret beach is also home to dolphins who are known to be very fond of this area, and let me tell you right now, there is just something so magical about watching the sunset at secret beach with a pod of dolphins frolicking in the distance.

Instagram opportunities here are plentiful with numerous options and angles, no matter what, you will be bound to find a spot that will fill your feed with absolute Insta magic ooze. The energy and magic of this place speaks for itself and anyone that has a little adventure waiting to burst from their soul should 100% make there way down to this beach. I must STRESS with all my heart, please take extreme care & caution when walking/climbing to this beach as it is very dangerous to get to and there have sadly been some deaths. When you first get to the beach you will notice a small wooden cross, which is a constant reminder to take care and to look after your friends and family. Don’t rush anyone, let them take their time. I have had to walk many friends back. Beware the cliffs can create large winds and the path is extremely narrow and unforgiving. It helps if you are part-goat. 

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