The Adelaide Set Radio Show

The Adelaide Set Radio Show – Interview with @theadelaideset gang at Greek Radio Doriforos!

The Adelaide Set Radio Show is run by George, Hamish and Will. These guys run @theadelaideset youth empowerment platform and support local businesses. These guys are the real deal. Since starting the Adelaide Set radio show over a year ago, they’ve been able to inspire through broadcasting. The Adelaide Set founder – George, took on an incredible opportunity thanks to his God Father.

Greek Radio Doriforos, owned by George’s God Father gave the boys a very special slot to help push The Adelaide Set purpose – to inspire the Youth of Adelaide. From special guests to showcasing incredible music. The Adelaide Set boys love to talk. Despite COVID19, @theadelaideset have been pushing live and local topics more than ever before.

Over the last few months, The Adelaide Set radio show have had many Senators, Councillors and Politicians come on the show… including Robert Simms, David Speirs & Alex Hyde. Speaking about marginalised issues and more, this incredible platform allows not only the Greek Community to learn about what’s going on in South Australia – but reaching a younger demographic to inspire!

Feel free to watch this Video to learn more about the Adelaide Set Radio Show! Download the Greek Radio Doriforos App from the Apple Store to listen in to these incredible boys every Thursday night from 6pm till 7pm!

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