Our own little Greek island style beach, with stunning Mediterranean vibes and views. Pebble beaches and pristine white sand beaches. Not only is Second Valley a beautiful destination, the journey there is spectacular, with some amazing roads including the infamous pine tree road that you would have seen all over Instagram! When you first arrive, you are greeted with spectacular stone buildings and pine forest scenery with a classic Australian beach cafe for all those peckish for a feed. Second Valley is also home for some extreme sports like cliff jumping! The cliff jumping here is dangerous but quite thrilling for those adrenaline junkies.

The cliffs themselves are beautiful but please take caution when exploring as a fall would surely end your life.  Second Valley is also home to a jetty for those who love a good fish and you’re bound to find some squid and smaller fish swimming around. Second Valley is home to a magnificent pine forest and many Instagram worthy landscapes that will make everyone jealous of your stunning Insta feed. The Adelaide Set loves a trip to Second Valley and recommends it to all who don’t mind the short but amazing drive down south.

PONDIE Pondalowie Bay. 

What a place! Something you would see in a Corona ad.
The bay itself is home to many spectacular landscapes. 

It is situated inside the amazing Innes National Park which we recommend to all! Pondi Bay is a well-known for surfers looking for some extra power. Pondi Bay also has small fishing villages, giving you a unique look into South Australian beach coastal country life. 

Accommodation ranges from little shacks to well equipped camping spots, that are perfect for those who love a good old get away. The bay itself contains a small old fishing boat that is an Insta must! A great place for taking fun photos and enjoying the rugged yet beautiful bay area.


Close to the city.

Great beach for swimming. 

Lots of little shops and cafes to explore. 

Stunning pine trees for that perfect Insta shot. 

Amazing limestone cliffs that hug the coastline. 

World famous “Star of Greece” restaurant. Port Willunga has an amazing shipwreck (the star of Greece) great for scuba divers. 

Port Willunga has the famous man-made caves! A must for Instagram and is basically “right of passage” for any SA Instagrammer. Accommodation ranges from high-end beach shacks to the lower end beach shacks and a few camping sites.

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