To answer this question, we must understand a few concepts. Shopping local means more than just providing our State with great economic status and employment.

By spending money at local businesses, more businesses such as farms, banks and even service providers become more likely to utilise OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES!

Let’s think local & see what we come up with shall we?

By zooming in on Adelaide’s community and local businesses, care factors play an important futuristic role. Locally operated and owned, neighbours who invest CARE!

This crucial part of owning a business, especially in Adelaide stimulates community values and so, customers appreciate local supply chains!

What does this mean? The more small business, the more money is donated to non-profit organisations. More is done behind the desk and just by understanding hard work delivers strong support systems for more people to interpret. Here are some ways YOU can THINK LOCAL!

Sometimes it isn’t easy to visit or try the most convenient local option however, there are more ways YOU can support just by thinking local! Trying something new is the go to start. Either going out for breakfast or dinner, try a new menu for a change! Birthdays. Everyone has one. Thinking local gifts WORKS TOO! Join the local GYM! Supporting fitness and local, what a match.Got to fix up the garden? Take a trip to your local hardware store or a local nursery! Having car troubles? Head to a local mechanic. Need more food? Search up a nearby farmers market to purchase new ingredients to impress the family for a special dinner!

Just by putting on your local thinking hat, YOU can support live and local businesses without having to spend thousands. Every small decision can improve someone else’s life, so next time your out and about! Think local. 😉

Thanks for reading! – @chatadelaide.blog

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