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To answer this question, we must understand a few concepts. Shopping local means more than just providing our State with great economic status and employment. By spending money at local businesses, more businesses such as farms, banks and even service providers become more likely to utilise OTHER LOCAL BUSINESSES! Let’s think local & see whatContinue reading “WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO SUPPORT LIVE & LOCAL BUSINESSES?”

Should South Australia make Sanitary Products Free?

TACKLING PERIOD POVERTY!  Scotland, oh how my heart bleeds for you. Today marks a special day that gives me great joy. Scotland has become the first country in the world to make sanitary products free!  Yes, this no joke! The Scottish Parliament have passed the bill.  So, what does this mean? Well, period products areContinue reading “Should South Australia make Sanitary Products Free?”

The Adelaide Set Radio Show

The Adelaide Set Radio Show – Interview with @theadelaideset gang at Greek Radio Doriforos! The Adelaide Set Radio Show is run by George, Hamish and Will. These guys run @theadelaideset youth empowerment platform and support local businesses. These guys are the real deal. Since starting the Adelaide Set radio show over a year ago,Continue reading “The Adelaide Set Radio Show”


Interview with Genevieve Hodge – Founder of the Inspiring Teens Leadership Program. You senta few seconds ago Feeling Uninspired? Lacking motivation or finding it hard to express ideas? Founder of SPIRE, Genevieve Hodge empowers youths through developing & managing respective projects. Mrs Hodge provides youths with sensational opportunities to conquer leadership skills through herContinue reading “GENEVIEVE HODGE”


SECOND VALLEY  Our own little Greek island style beach, with stunning Mediterranean vibes and views. Pebble beaches and pristine white sand beaches. Not only is Second Valley a beautiful destination, the journey there is spectacular, with some amazing roads including the infamous pine tree road that you would have seen all over Instagram! When youContinue reading “TOP 3 BEACHES”


Happy Tuesday everyone, exciting Spring times ahead. Today’s been a blissful Adelaide vlog day indeed, exploring Shepherds Hill Recreation Park with my two trusted sidekicks! @loretta_traf & @good_ares Shepherds Hill Recreation Park – 19 Ellis Avenue Eden Hills SA 5050, provides YOU with the opportunity to explore spectacular walking trails & wildlife – alongside anContinue reading “SHEPHERDS HILL RECREATION PARK”


Hey Chatters! Yes, you guessed it. Welcome to @chatadelaide‘s first ever blog post! If you love the outdoors, this is for you with ALL content taken by yours truly! – @taydamknowles Here are my TOP 5 EASTERN SUBURB PARKS! Comment, like & share with your friends but most importantly… don’t forget to subscribe! – ENJOYContinue reading “CHAT ADELAIDE’S TOP 5 EASTERN SUBURB PARKS!”

The Places and Faces Dream.

To travel would be an awfully big adventure. There’s no doubt, South Australia is beautiful. With exactly 983,482 square kilometres to explore and having the fifth largest population compared to the rest of Australia, that means there’s a lot of unexplored places and faces to meet. Investing in travel is investing in yourself. We travelContinue reading “The Places and Faces Dream.”